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10 Ways to Hack your Work Footprint

You spend most of your day at work.

So it follows that the bulk of your environmental impact happens there, too. Follow these ten steps to hack your footprint and be greener at work.


1. Start the day right. Take public transportation, walk, or bike to work if you can. Or if you must drive, try carpooling. You can calculate the carbon impact of your commute here.

2. Think twice before printing. Can you use a file sharing service like Box or Dropbox instead? Or can you share a file on your company’s network drive?

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3. DIY notecards. When you do need to print, cut your old documents into quarters and use the backs to take notes, write down phone messages, etc.

4. Work from home. Many companies now allow their employees to telecommute, a greener option. Try working from home once a week.

5. Ditch the bottled water. It’s not just the plastic. Bottled water’s lifespan requires fossil fuels to transport and electricity to warehouse. Opt for a glass or water bottle instead.

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6. Shop ethically. With a little effort, high quality work staples can be found at secondhand stores. Or seek out ethical clothing brands that are making new clothes sustainably.

7. Use recycled office supplies. Most office suppliers offer supplies made from recycled materials. Check to see what options your supplier offers.


8. Lunchbox Chic. Instead of bringing a plastic bag or individually packaged lunch, bring your meal in a reusable container like a lunchbox or mason jar.

9. Power play. Adjust your computer settings to engage sleep mode when not in use. Turn off and unplug your devices when not in use. And don’t forget about conference room lights.


10. Get a Plant. Plants increase the oxygen in your work space, and improve mental clarity. Populate your office with plants.