The Golden State is Green!

From the Carrizo Plains in San Luis Obispo County to the cliffs of Mendocino, there’s a stunning show of spring colors on display throughout our previously drought stricken state. We’re tempted to use up our sick days to hit the road. Wildflower hunting and getting lost in forests filled with Redwoods and emerald-hued lakes sounds like a pretty good plan.

Carrizo Plains wildflowers at sunset

Just another reason to Stay and Play

Work hard, play hard is a mantra of Silicon Valley. When our tremendously talented workforce breaks away from their computers, you’ll find them mountain biking along Skyline Ridge, hiking the Santa Cruz Mountains, shredding powder in Tahoe or sipping wine in Napa. The recent rains have created enviable experiences that help California attract and retain the best in tech. From adrenaline-pumping activities to savoring the sweet life amongst vibrant vineyards, there’s a never-ending array of ways to unplug and recharge. And where we were once clinking glasses looking upon rolling hills the color of golden wheat, we’re now celebrating in a setting that feels more like the Irish countryside on a warm, idyllic day.








Rising Waters and a Brown to Green Scene

California’s major reservoirs were almost completely drained, but now, after the wettest winter in years, the waters are plenty. The before and after shots showing reservoir levels, river widths and changes in landscape colors is dramatic. Here are a few popular pics that have been making the rounds on social media.

Oroville Dam

Horses in Woodacre

Enjoy it While You Can

Get out there and take advantage of the beautiful sights dotted up and down California. You never know when mother nature will think she’s been generous enough and take it all away, or when an executive order could change access to some of our most scenic spots forever. The beaches, meadows and mountains are waiting for you – go to them now!