Your Healthy Office 2017 Checklist

It’s already 2017 and high time to make having a healthy office at the top of your New Year’s resolutions.

While most resolutions don’t make it past January, having a healthy office is one that you’ll want to keep working on for the entire year.  So what exactly is a healthy office?  We’re glad you asked!  Here’s a handy checklist to help you achieve that goal with ease:

Definitely at the top of the list are:

  • a height adjustable desk.  Here are reason why you’ll want one!  And here are a few examples:
    Altitude 1altitude by allsteel







adjustable height














Here’s a helpful video that explains what to look for in an ergonomic workstation:



  • an ergonomic chair that responds to your movements, providing support when and where it’s needed!  Here are a few examples:



(left) Mimeo from Allsteel
(below right) Quip from Allsteel









HON endorse ergonomic chair



(left) Endorse from HON


All ergonomically designed to support you while you work.  They fully adjustable and very responsive to individual user needs.



  • living plants that not only clean the air, but also provide a little oasis within the office.  Here are a few examples of just how cool these can look:

and here’s why having a living wall makes for a healthy office environment..



Just as important is your office design which should provide:

  • access to natural light.  Here is an alternative to traditional solid walls:

Allsteel Beyond architectural walls

These ‘Beyond’ architectural walls from Allsteel are movable, reconfigurable and are available with a variety of panel styles including clear glass as shown here.  This makes natural light accessible to those in the enclosed office space while allowing light through to the rest of the office space


Incorporate all these elements in your office this year and you’ll have an office that’s well on it’s way to being healthier and more conducive to peak performance than ever before!