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How to Maintain Mental Health at Work

Have you ever taken a break to review your state of mental health at work? If not, today’s a great day to since it’s World Health Day. Take an inventory of your emotional, psychological and social well-being. If you’re not up to par in one more of those departments, here are a few tips to get you back to feeling at the top of your game while at work.

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Up your Emotional Ante

Being emotionally aware at work will help you recognize when you should bring up certain topics, and who best to bring them up to. You will start to notice that some people are receptive and helpful to your queries, while others may be dismissive and not provide any support. Align yourself with those that are likely to be a positive influence and offer valuable advice. If you can zone in on what’s holding you back in certain areas, you’ll be able to work through issues and move forward. Don’t forget to fuel up throughout the day because being hangry at work will stress you out, and everyone around you! Come in well-rested too so you’re not in a slump and can stay focused during hour long meetings and fast-paced brainstorming sessions.


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Talk it Out

Mood swings, low energy, and the inability to perform daily tasks are just a few of the early warning signs that your state of mental health may need a little TLC. The theme this year for World Health Day is “Depression: Let’s Talk.” Don’t hide in your cubicle and hope that things will work themselves out. Psychologically, you could be entering a danger zone. Try to actively turn yourself around back to a state of stability. Little by little, your self-esteem and confidence will be on the rebound. Go for a walking meeting to get some fresh air and raise your heart rate. Your HR person may be a good resource to turn to, since you probably aren’t the first person to enter their office with the same problems. They might be able to suggest ways for you to get back on track, or help you figure out who the best contact is within your health plan. When in doubt, talk it out.


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Get Socially Savvy

Stay social at work to keep communication flowing freely with co-workers. Feeling like you must conquer everything on your own will make even minor tasks seem like an uphill battle. You don’t have to cope with all the stresses of life, and especially all the stresses of work, on your own. Seek out a confidante you feel like you can trust. If you ask, you’ll probably be surprised how willing others are to lend an ear or take on a bit of your workload. Or if you’re feeling stale at your job, like you’re not using your skills fully, jump in and help others who have a 10-foot-long to-do list. You’ll feel useful and appreciated, and you’ll start to shine and be more productive.


Remember to get enough sleep, stay physically active and help others! Don’t expect changes overnight, but little by little, your state of mental health will rise in the workplace, and everywhere else. Hang in there, you’ve got this!

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Comfortable Work Spaces

We work for around half of waking hours, so why not work in comfortable work spaces?

Offices are no longer limited to desks and chairs with only the most senior staff warranting comfort.  Millennials make up the largest percentage of the work force and office design and furniture reflects this demographic.

It’s all about working where and how it makes the most sense.  Wellness at work is an important priority for most employers, so ergonomically designed furniture is must.  Here are some of our top picks for the most comfortable, most versatile furniture that will support informal collaboration and inspired innovation:

Scooch by Allsteel:

We love Scooch because it’s not only cute looking, it’s practical and versatile. Scooch gives new meaning to the idea of “pulling up a seat.”

It’s lightweight. Easy to handle. And even easier to move from space to space. You can turn Scooch around and change postures to find the most comfortable position.

allsteel scooch 3






Rise by Allsteel:

Sit, lounge, stretch out and just plain be comfortable – it’s how you do your best work!

allsteel rise comfortable work spaces

Rise is an ingenious solution for gathering people in a small space or creating a meeting space with a single grouping of furniture. Available in two-tier or three-tier designs, Rise offers an extremely simple form that can create a variety of different landscapes and support the postures people naturally take when coming together to talk, listen, share, or brainstorm.



Gather by Allsteel:Gather by Allsteel:

Allsteel Gather: Inside Source office furniture Bay areaCollaboration means more innovation, more often, more effectively. Gather encourages the team to free flow even more inspired thinking in the workplace.

No matter how people like to come together, you can create a unique Gather solution to support the kind of work being done, fit the postures people take, and complement the environment in which it lives. Super comfortable. Super supportive.


Allsteel Gather - comfortable work spaces






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Introducing a New Product – the Hit Stand Desk!

At InsideSource, we’re proud to provide products that move people. With the new hit stand desk, you can hook and jab your way through the work day.


  • A mobile pedestal file that securely stores your boxing gloves
  • A built-in punching bag to practice your swings
  • An ergonomically placed button ejects you out of your seat to a battle-ready position
  • Rocky theme starts playing once the punching begins

Contact InsideSource today to get your hands on one of these limited-edition boxing beauties!

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Boomerang Employees are Back with a Bang!

Do you have regrets about leaving a job that didn’t seem all that great at the time, but in retrospect, you would join your old company again in a heartbeat? Well you’re not alone, and the rise of boomerang employees is on the rise.

Welcome Back

In a study released by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated and, over 1,800 HR professionals throughout the nation were surveyed and the consensus is that boomerang employees are a plus to organizations. The survey revealed that almost half of HR professionals said their companies used to have policies against re-hiring former employees, and now 76% are open to accepting alumni back with open arms.

boomerang employee

Boomerang Benefits 

What are the benefits boomerangs bring to a company? A lot, apparently, including less training, and familiarity with the leadership and company culture. The cost savings can be up to $20,000 per hire. From their experience at other companies, boomerangs also bring new perspectives and new skills.


The Four Flavors 

David Almeda, the chief people officer at Kronos says there are “four flavors” of boomerang employees.

  1. Those who left to further their career, with a 3-5 year absence
  2. Folks with a career itch to scratch
  3. A life event forced them to leave
  4. Those who boomerang on purpose


Are you ready to boomerang?

Here are a few tips for your transition:

  1. Depart on good terms

Let your boss and HR know that you’ve enjoyed your experience and all that you’ve learned at the company, and that if openings arise in the future that may be well suited to you down the line, and benefit the company by bringing you back, to keep you in the loop. Give ample notice that you’ll be departing so they can find a suitable replacement.

  1. Rack up stellar performance reviews

A good review is gold and it may help you earn a bonus, and it will also be a reminder to your boss why you were a star employee when they look back, and that they should consider you for new opportunities.

  1. Never say goodbye

A simple comment on your old boss’ LinkedIn posts, sending a congratulations card when you hear about your co-workers’ promotions, and the occasional lunch to catch up all show that you still care about the company.

  1. Keep up with the company

When you’re preparing for your re-entry interview, check out the company’s website for news updates or shifts in corporate culture. Show stats that reflect their current state of leads, earnings, etc. and explain how you’ll help those numbers soar. Read up on new mergers in the industry. You’ll sound like an insider and they will be impressed with how thoughtful and thorough you are.

If you’re ready to transfer your new skills to your old company, join the boomerang bandwagon and you could reap rewards like a pay raise, a higher position and most importantly, job satisfaction.


More reading:

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Boom, Boom, Pow!


Every year IIDA NC announces and honors state-of-the-art projects from across the Northern California. This year 98 projects were nominated across all categories with a total of 19 winners!

Pop the champagne, throw the confetti in the air, give your neighbor a fist pump because Dropbox, Facebook, Pinterest and Stadium TechCenter received awards!!!! Congrats to our clients and congrats to InsideSource for being a huge part in creating their inspiring spaces!

Corporate Workplace Environments Honor
·         Work Small: projects under 20,000 sq.ft.: Facebook
·         Work Large: projects over 75,000 sq.ft.: Dropbox

Serve: Where We Meet Honor: Stadium TechCenter

People’s Choice Award: Pinterest Headquarters

Wow! Best of Show Award: Dropbox

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