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Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week Recap!

Pearl Lopez, our Creative Designer, is back with a recap from Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week. Take it away, Pearl.

Welcome to Salone del Mobile Milano










Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week is the largest furniture trade show of its kind. Going on its 56th year, “Salone” features the latest products in architectural and interior design with exhibits that have an artistic and experiential feel. We were only able to experience Salone del Mobile Milano virtually this year, but here’s a round-up of some of our favorites!


Colors from Milan

Pastels and soft neutral tones were still the norm, but we noticed bold & saturated tones making an increased appearance. Rich navy, burgundy, mustard and shades of green mingled with coral, blush, and pale gray creating a striking combination.

Milan Colors












Images from, Clockwise: Normann Copenhagen; Wallpaper magazine Massimo De Carlo “Fireworks; Wallpaper magazine Rossana Orlandi “Se”; Carl Hansen & Son, “Milan Home”


Fernando Mastrangelo’s Escape Line

We’ve long been fans of Brooklyn-based artist Fernando Mastrangelo (hyperlink: and his design firm M-Material (hyperlink:  His furniture has a sculptural and ethereal quality to it, and his newest line, Escape, is no exception. Inspired by landscape paintings, Mastrangelo layers hand-dyed sand, silica and crushed powdered glass, creating a rainbow, rammed earth effect. The colors and layers evoke abstract notions of landscapes full of rolling hills, the melding of the sky and sea or of soft moments of sunrise.













Image from, Clockwise: IAMFM Instagram, Design Boom, Dezeen, Dezeen.


David Derksen’s Grid Space Dividers

SaloneSatellite runs concurrently with Salone del Mobile and focuses on promising young and upcoming designers. Interior Design magazine spotlighted David Derksen Design (hyperlink: in their “5 Young Design Firms to Watch From SaloneSatellite 2017” (hyperlink:, and we couldn’t agree more. The Grid Space Dividers would be a perfect addition to an open office environment by creating division in a light & airy way. Further, the Grid can be outfitted with LED lights or acoustical panels lending some function to its minimal form.

Thumb Grid space dividers by David Derksen

Image from: David Derksen Design


Euroluce 2017

We’d be remiss not to feature some of the highlights from Euroluce 2017, the international lighting exhibition which also runs concurrently with Salone del Mobile. The minimal simplicity of Michael Anastassiades collection (hyperlink: was especially powerful and dramatic.  Not to be outshone (pun intended!), was Formafantasma ( with lighting that expressed a relationship with its environment, and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio (hyperlink: with lighting that layered simple shapes of textured plate glass to create a more complex structure.

Euroluce 2017












Images from, Clockwise: Michael Anastassiades for Flos, designboom Formafantasma Blush Lamp, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio Kazimir, Dezeen Formafantasma Foundation


La Triennale Design Museum “Giro Giro Tondo”

The Triennale Design Museum devotes itself to exploring the history of Italian Design. It opened its “Giro Giro Tondo” (or “Ring around the Rosie” for us non-Italians!) exhibit during Milan Design Week to show the “time devoted to the world of children and to the design and architecture that has been created for them.” Their playful, smile-inducing, graphic, though geared toward children, appeals to the child in all of us.

sebastianerras instagram

Image from: Sebastianerras Instagram

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