Making a statement where it matters most.

First impressions are essential when designing for corporate & legal office settings. Our approach prioritizes high-impact areas, such as lobbies, executive suites, product agnostic design, and balancing budgets creatively. We partner closely with design firms to gracefully integrate collaboration areas into offices for industries often accustomed to separation, while paying close attention to team structures and accurately reflecting them in the environment.

Confidential Client

Coffman Engineers

Washington Trust Bank

Dorsey Whitney

H.D. Fowler Company

Columbia Hospitality

Photo credits (Top to bottom: Confidential Client by Cleary O’Farrell; Coffman Engineers by Casey Braunger; Washington Trust Bank by Kayleen Michelle; Dorsey Whitney by Brandon Stengel; H.D. Fowler by Cleary O’Farrell; Columbia Hospitality by Cleary O’Farrell