Design problem-solving with industrial inspiration.

Trucking and operations software company Samsara found their new San Francisco space in a historic building made up primarily of brick and timber. Our aim was to stay true to Samsara’s utilitarian identity, while creating modern workspaces that were active, dynamic, and polished.

Insider Insights

The historic building housing Samsara’s new office – with exposed timber beams, brick walls, and full of natural light – really spoke to the company’s industrial roots. However, it also posed design challenges. Restricted from altering the building in any way, we worked with Rapt Studios to create a space with 80% alternative work areas, separated by zoning and demarcation by using the building’s existing timber columns, modular walls, and rugs.

Two design concepts inspired by Samsara define the office aesthetic. “On the road,” characterized by natural and solid forms, monochromatic patterns, and greenery, and “bold safety,” seen in active, high-contract palettes that include yellow, blue, black, and white.

Project Facts
Locations: San Francisco
Size: 154,000 SF
Environments: Lobby, meeting rooms, phone rooms, collaboration areas, micro-kitchen, dining area, cafe, lounge areas
Design Partner: Rapt Studios
Customer since 2019