Why Walls, Why Now?

As new distancing and capacity norms are rapidly transforming the office landscape, demountable walls accelerate your ability to adapt to change and provide resilient work environments.

With design flexibility and speed to installation, the elements of walls promote spatial distancing and personal privacy cues and create intuitive office traffic flow and threshold entries to work neighborhoods. Whether integrated with dry wall or installed independently, demountable walls, now more than ever, help re-establish cultural cornerstones of employee safety, comfort and connection.

Aligned seamlessly with our furniture division, our Architectural Products Division specializes in walls and other technical non-furniture categories including sound masking and applied acoustic solutions, privacy pods and modular meeting spaces.

The Benefits of Demountable Walls

Simple Alternate to Traditional Construction

Demountable office fronts are cost-effective single-trade alternative to traditional interior glazing.

Keep your Project on Track

Demountable office fronts with short lead times install quickly as a final phase of construction. All doors and hardware included.

Easy Project Integration

All product design, architect & GC coordination and installation is managed by a dedicated team of Insidesource experts.

Performance and Flexibility

Acoustic STC ratings meet or exceed standards for interior glazing and drywall.
Unitized, non-progressive panels make future changes simple.

Extended Warranty

US-made Allsteel Aspect and Beyond office fronts carry a 10-year warranty serviced by Insidesource.

Added Value & ROI

Office fronts qualify for accelerated depreciation and end-user tax bonuses whether purchased by an end-user or GC as construction material.

Allsteel Aspect

– Fast Lead Time Office Fronts
– Streamlined Kit-of-Parts
– Minimal Design Aesthetic
– Quick Installation

Allsteel Beyond

– Framed and Frameless Glass, and Solid Wall Panels
– Easily Moved and Reconfigured
– Generous Tolerances, Fast Installation

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