Work From Home

Home is now an extension of the office.

Supporting employee well-being and productivity at home while aligning with your corporate values and financial constraints can be tricky.

Offering a clear WFH program provides consistent choices to support your employees where they need it most now… at home.

A WFH program that meets employee & business needs

Health & Wellness

Ergonomic solutions at a favorable price point.

Curated Products

Contract grade solutions that support employee needs.

Financial Control

Spend what you need with pre-approved products that capitalize on our direct relationships with manufacturers.

Service Support

Customer service support for your employees.

Reporting & Metrics

Identify who has bought what, where and when.

You have options

We have a solution that fits your evolving needs. Fast, reliable and beautiful.

Tailored E-commerce Portal

E-commerce portal with curated solutions that serve your employee’s needs and align with your WFH program.

Global Fulfillment

Solutions in North America, EMEA, APAC and beyond.

Your WFH solution is just a click away!

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