Integrated interiors that support wellness

Improving the quality of health care through the design of the physical environment is more important than ever before in ensuring excellent patient outcomes. The variety of care is expanding, from clinics and wellness centers to pop-up vaccination sites, adding complexity to the task of designing spaces that provide the best possible experience for patients and providers.

We strive to simplify the complex. Utilizing the latest industry advancements, our healthcare team partners with you to create sustainable, integrated interiors that support dynamic working postures and community wellness, that evolve as your needs change. Every project is viewed as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to improve the healthcare experience.

Future-proofing with Walls

Modular, demountable walls offer a long-term advantage over conventional construction

Unitized Construction

Pre-assembled offsite for fast, easy installation, optimized logistics, and consistent fit and quality.

Flexible & Reconfigurable

 Modular spaces allow for quick and easy reconfigurations while still meeting facility requirements.

Kit of Parts

Standard ‘kit of parts’ developed for each client for interchangeable reconfigurations.

Cleaner, Greener

Reduced construction time and materials allow for cleaner installations and reconfigurations, all while producing significantly less waste.

Acoustical Privacy

State-of-the-art modular walls include built-in acoustical buffers, with no compromises when compared to traditional construction standards.

Save Time & Money 

Build and reconfigure environments faster and at a lower cost.

The integrated health care environment extends beyond furniture

Our 360º approach considers walls, furniture and equipment and provides flexibility that adapts to your future needs

Allsteel Beyond

Unitized Prefab Modular Wall Systems

• Cost effective, flexible alternative to conventional construction

• Generous tolerances and fast installation

• Ease of reconfiguration means longer life and reduced impact on landfills


Modular Laboratory Furniture

• Adjustable components for fast installation and reconfiguration

• Pre-wired and pre-plumbed

• Minimum downtime, maximum flexibility


Modular Casework

• Smart solutions that support a variety of applications

• Fully adaptable. Install and reconfigure with minimal disruption or downtime

• Quality materials extend product lifecycle and support optimal cleanability


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