Engagement through choice.

More choices = more engagement. Our design approach for Braze’s new London office mirrored this sentiment, aligning with the company’s goal of really investing in their people through their spaces. 360-degree views of London span the perimeter of the light-filled office, which offers a variety of agile work solutions.

Insider Insights

Braze’s open-office layout boasts fantastic natural light, but also posed a challenge: creating seamless separation between work areas.

Distinct work zones were established with freestanding lockers, shelving, and planters. Booths of varying sizes offer private, quiet nooks for phone calls or team meetings. In order to keep the space light, cafe booths were customized to be open on all sides.

“We’re building offices where people want to come in,” says Suzie Youd, head of global real estate and workplace experience at Braze. “The more choices you give them, the more they’re likely to engage.”  

Read Blueprint Magazine’s case study to learn more about how Braze prioritizes employee experience through dynamic workplaces. 

Project Facts
Location: London
Size: 52,000 SF
Environments: Reception, worksettings, meeting rooms, lounge areas, booths, cafes, All Hands
Design Partner: AIS