The pros at live streaming sports

fuboTV is more popular than ever in the US, with over 1.23 million subscribers across the country. Looking to house a variety of worksettings in their New York City HQ, Insidesource helped to execute their design vision that supports both work and play.

Insider Insights

Brand colors can be seen throughout the office in navy leather banquettes, maroon sofas, and hallways punctuated in bright red. The design gives off a distinct mood of confidence, while furniture selections provide flexibility and comfort. Tying back into fuboTV’s purpose, a game area, movie lounge, and outdoor terrace offer employees entertainment and fresh air.

Project Facts
Location: New York, NY
Size: 50,000 SF
Environments: 200+ workstations, private offices, meeting and conference rooms, collaboration areas, game area, movie lounge, outdoor terrace
Design Partner: A+I
Client since 2022