Innovating transportation through community.

Going somewhere – that’s essence of the design story behind Getaround’s 5-story office in Telegraph Hill, San Francisco. Our goal was to celebrate Getaround’s values of community and freedom of movement, creating a space feels lively and full of potential.

Insider Insights

A thoughtful balance of both fluid and uniform shapes is seen in Getaround’s space. Rounded edges and ultra-smooth surfaces create a sense of excitement and ease of movement throughout the office. Furniture shapes, orientations, and pathways through the space evoke the curve in a road or street sign. The company’s signature color, purple, is interspersed in upholstery and wall colors, delighting visitors as they reach each new destination around the bend.

Project Facts
Location: San Francisco, CA
Size: 45,000 SF
Environments: Reception, café, lounge, and All Hands space, open office workstations, collaboration areas, phone rooms, conference rooms, training room, Mother’s room, wellness room
Design Partner: Gensler
Project Photos: Bruce Damonte