A space that inspires continuous innovation to keep data safe.

As a global cybersecurity leader, Palo Alto Networks experienced massive growth from 60 employees six years ago, when Insidesource first began working with the company, to well over 6,000 employees today. Bright, airy, open areas welcome everyone under one roof. Color activates each floor, with earthy colors at the base, and sky-like shades on the top floors creating a calm environment to take on the serious business of preventing cyber attacks. Employees head to the marketplace, café, gym or juice bar to refuel or have a casual meeting.

“Insidesource, because of their dedication to it, and the details, flexibility, there’s just many parts that make them stand out. It’s sort of bad to expect miracles every time, but you know they’re going to pull through somehow and help you. ”

Corinne Garcia-Matthews,  Director of Workplace, Palo Alto Networks

Project Facts

Location: Santa Clara, CA
650,000 sq ft.
Environments: Open work settings, private offices, break areas, marketplace, lounge areas, game rooms, collaboration areas.
Design Partner: 
Project Photos: Jasper Sanidad