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Insidesource creates spaces where people thrive at work.

It’s more than just desks and chairs. Your space has the ability to showcase the best of what your company is, harness the power of who your people are, and hint at the amazing places your company is headed — the minute anyone walks through your doors.

With a passionate, collaborative team of experts, we partner with you to create a customized environment where beauty and function elevate the workplace experience.

Our Services




Design Development
Project Management


Order & Vendor Mgmt.
Asset Management


Field Coordination
Delivery & Installation

Our Philosophy

1 Create

Innovation starts with an idea. Together we’ll imagine and explore what’s possible.

2 Strategize

Let’s assemble the team – you, your broker, architect, project manager – to align business and workplace strategy.

3 Plan

It’s all in the details. Balance money with value, speed with quality, openness with privacy and beauty with function.

4 Produce

Furniture is made to order for you and timing is critical whether it’s setting up an office or building a campus. We’ll make sure it all gets to you on time.

5 Inspect

From construction meetings to unloading the truck, we are there every step of the way.

6 Install

This is where the magic happens. All the pieces come together and your project transforms into real life.

7 Nurture

Your space will evolve as your business does. So will your people. Let’s continue to keep them energized and inspired.

8 Day 2

We strive to make your job easier. Our systems, programs and people are dedicated to keeping your workspace running smoothly. We are your partner as you grow, anywhere around the world.

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Our Offices:

San Carlos (HQ)

San Francisco

San Jose


Norwalk, CT

New York


With a diverse collection of designers, account managers, PMs, installers and strategists, we are dedicated to transforming not only how people work but how they feel about work.


From our start in 1991, Insidesource has been built on collaborative relationships. Your dedicated project team partners with you to understand and solve your unique workspace needs, and is with you at every step of the process. We want to create a space that is inspired by you.


Building the modern workplace requires creative thinking to reflect the values of a company in a way that connects with employees and drives productivity. From balancing open collaborative environments with private spaces, down to pillows and accessories, we’ll explore every avenue to bring your soul and cultural vibe to every last detail.


We have grown as our clients have grown. From first offices to millions of square feet we have expertise in every market around the world. We measure success by the enduring relationships and trust our client’s place in our hands to bring their vision to life.