A dedication to client experience motivates us. How we work with you is just as important as what we do for you.

Dave Denny

Dave has long loved travel and adventure. He once worked as an optometrist, a factory worker in Norway and at a ski resort in Tahoe.
Entrepreneurial and industrious at his core, Dave has led Insidesource from a used furniture startup to one of the industry’s most successful dealers and great places to work. As CEO, he sets our strategy and engages in our day-to-day sales and operations worldwide.

Jason Lambert

Jason has travelled to every continent but Antarctica and is “marginally” fluent in Japanese. An outdoor enthusiast, his passion for whitewater rafting and mountain biking is reflected in a spirit of adventure at work.
For 20 years in the food industry, Jason held roles across Finance, Strategy, and M&A functions in small startups and large multi-nationals. Joining Insidesource in 2021 as our CFO, he leads our Accounting and Finance teams.

John Schwartz

Once upon a time, John engaged in political consulting on Northern California local races and issues. In 1991, he joined the Sam Clar and would become the fourth generation to lead the family business. Inspired by courage, integrity and leadership, John has held almost every dealership role.
When Insidesource welcomed Sam Clar into the family in January 2023, John took on responsibilities to oversee business operations and design and implement operational strategies, plans and procedures.

Kris Haren

In her youth, Kris lived abroad and traveled extensively. This is where a love of language, communication, and culture was born and how the seeds of a human-centric career in sales, marketing and operations were planted.
As a 40 year industry enthusiast, Kris is enhancing our culture and brand experience. Grounded in fostering diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces, she is focused on business continuity, global brand promotion and the Insider experience.

Christina Ioannou
VP People

Originally from South Africa, Christina spent 15 years working in London. Today she and her Welsh dog, Crumpet, call San Francisco home. Christina values people from different backgrounds and cultures, fueling her global HR success in communications, marketing, real estate, and retail industries.
Because every Insider deserves a great experience and feels, welcome, included and engaged, Christina and her team are leading world-class people initiatives.

Rose Young

A creative at heart, Rose grew up with an affinity for the artistic side of fashion, interiors and graphics. After a start in A&D design, her competitive and fighting spirit led her into a successful sales, entrepreneurial, and executive career in the furniture industry.
Today Rose leads workplace strategy for large clients in her role as Principal and Executive Sponsor. She is actively involved in national and international projects from day one and long after completion.


Missy Evans
VP Project Operations

Missy, a New Jersey native, is learning to play guitar. Early in her career, she worked in the garment industry in NY as a Production Manager.
Her initial passion to create beautiful and functional spaces over time evolved into creating dynamic cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration and excellence, and developing efficient working systems. As VP Project Operations, Missy leads our NorCal Design, Account Management, Sales Support and Project Management teams.

Rachel Miller
VP Market Engagement

Traveling abroad from an early age and being raised by creatives gave Rachel a lifelong curiosity of people and culture and a belief that well-designed built environments shape human experience. With nature as a source of inspiration, scuba diving and exploring the underwater world is one of her passions.
Rachel is our VP, Market Engagement in Northern California, and is responsible for leading and managing teams focused on client solutions and engagement.

Anne Wagner
VP Sales Operations

Art, architecture, design, and photography were Anne’s primary study areas in school. In college, she interned at a furniture dealership and design firm in San Francisco who shared a library. This became her introduction to the world of contract furnishings.
Anne has held roles in designer, account management/sales, manufacturing sales and support, and sales management. She currently oversees our Creative Experience, Vendor Strategy and E-Commerce programs.



James Moffat
Managing Partner, Principal

Family is everything to James. In fact, he works for time with his “warrior wife” and two kids. A huge sports devotee, he loves playing golf.
James got his start in the furniture industry in high school installing furniture. After college, he ventured into both manufacturer and dealer worlds. His drive landed him a partner role at 31. As our Managing Partner, James oversees sales, operations, and finance for our Northeast region.

Mark Bailey
Managing Principal

A Brit through and through, it might surprise that Mark spent his childhood years in Philadelphia. At 22, with “nothing to lose everything to gain,” he started his first furniture business, Oasis.
Great people, being inquisitive and wanting new challenges continue to motivate him today. Mark opened byBailey in 2015 and joined the Insidesource group of global companies in 2018. He is building and developing a young, dynamic team in London to service EMEA clients

Amanda Salt
Managing Director

Amanda loves art, cinema, and outdoor adventures, especially hiking in Wales and Scotland with sweet and fellow adventure seeker, Milo, her Labrador.
After a successful entrepreneurial business venture spanning almost two decades, Amanda is back in the dealer world. Our EMEA Managing Director in our London office is accountable for achieving finance and operations targets.

Pacific Northwest



Beth Nist
VP Sales & Workplace Strategy

Beth’s warm, welcoming family is the foundation of her life, one that values relationships, community, and hospitality. Coupled with a passion for design (and jigsaw puzzles), her University of Minnesota BA in Interior Design launched a thriving career helping people flourish through spaces and experiences.
Following roles at 20 Below Studio and Gensler, for the past 11 years Beth has led workplace design and business development at Environments. She is currently our VP Sales and Workplace Strategy.

Gina Zaharie
Managing Director

As the second oldest of five children, Gina internalized at a young age the importance of listening and giving everyone a chance to speak. She later learned in leadership capacities to focus on “what you can control and what you can’t.”
These lessons have been foundational to impressive industry achievement in roles at Knoll, and at Environments where for the past 8 years Gina has been driving vision and market strategy. She is currently our Managing Director.

Mike Drez
General Manager

Mike’s personal mission statement is “to lead others in his life towards life’s abundancy.” A passionate leader with high EQ, he loves nothing more than helping teams reach their goals.
With an extensive leadership background in both manufacturer and dealer environments combined with a love for design enhanced as the owner of an Art Consulting business, Mike leads our Seattle team in the PNW.

Marian Read
VP Finance

It is no surprise the Pacific Northwest is home to Marian. Being in the great outdoors, especially out on the water, brings her deep joy and contentment.
Once an assistant at a vodka spirits company, Marian has held roles in Finance, Operations, IT, and logistics consulting. She is currently Insidesource’s VP Finance in Seattle leading technology and cross-functional processes.

Susan Stinnett
VP Sales

A sports fan, athlete, and coach, leadership and team building are natural to Susan. Her drive and spirit are manifested in a career passion for mentoring and collaborating with designers and clients to create stunning and useful spaces.
From a manufacturing and raw materials background, Susan joined the industry in 1984. She is now responsible for fostering culture, driving market growth, and delivering excellent client experiences in her role as VP Sales.