An aspirational and comfortable space for a global real estate firm.

Long-time Insidesource partner Hines recently acquired Santa Clara Towers, housing their new office in an expansive architectural setting fitting for a company in the business of real estate.

Insider Insights

In real estate, first impressions are everything. Hines’ lobby does not disappoint, welcoming visitors and employees with a sleek marble reception desk and a large, dramatic biophilic backdrop. Not unlike their industry, we aimed to make Hines’ space feel both comfortable and aspirational.

While we provided supportive and functional work zones, we also outfitted amenity spaces, including a game room, an outdoor space, lounges, a gym, and a café.

Project Facts
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Size: 19,300 SF
Environments: Lobby spaces, meeting rooms, private offices, open plan workstations, huddle rooms, lounges, game room, outdoor space, café, training room, gym.
Design Partner: Studio G
Customer since 2019