Celebrating culture for a consulting firm that is purpose and future-driven.

When Slalom outgrew their Atlanta space, Insidesource was tasked to outfit their new office located adjacent to the vibrant Ponce City Market. Slalom is a purpose-driven consulting firm that helps companies build for the future. Looking to the future while honoring the past, we aimed to create a dyamic workspace that celebrates Atlanta’s full-of-life culture.

Insider Insights

Key to this project was understanding Slalom’s workforce: a new generation that wants to honor the past, while reimagining and redefining the future of Atlanta. This celebration of culture can be seen in the space’s expansive color palette, diverse materiality, and finishing touches that include string lights and moss walls.

A layout defined by working neighborhoods includes Slalom Launch Centers, meeting rooms intended to support employees for extended collaboration, without getting fatigued or losing focus. By using soft yet engaged posture seating alongside conventional conference tables, we created a space that could evolve with the needs of those using it throughout the day.

Project Facts
Locations: Atlanta, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Columbus, Nashville, Raleigh, Miami, New Jersey, Vancouver
Size: 20,000 SF
Environments: Workstations, conference and huddle rooms, break room, collaborative spaces, library, lobby
Customer since 2020