Mission-critical for modern software teams.

A dominant leader in the Business Intelligence market, New Relic’s San Francisco and Portland offices are an expression of its authentic, passionate and bold culture. Seeped in each city’s unique vibe, both environments were designed to reflect the company’s identity and values around wellness, creativity, collaboration and integrated technology.

Insider Insights:
Elements of wood and color are intentionally designed to manifest a welcoming and vibrant company culture. In Portland, you’re greeted with guest bike parking and a bicycle art installation featuring a wood map graphic of Portland bridges. The realistic-looking flames in the Campfire meeting corner are steam. In SF, each floor has a vibrant kitchenette, connecting workspaces with social and collaboration amenities.

Project Facts

Locations: San Francisco, Portland, Phoenix, Barcelona, Dublin
Environments: Open area desking, conference rooms, amenity spaces

Design Partners:  M Moser Associates (San Francisco),  IA Interior Architects (Portland)
Customer since 2012
Project Photos:
SF – Jasper Sanidad | Portland – Christian Columbres