Scene 4: Studios, Novo, Haworth, Pable, All Seating, Slate Art, Level 5

Experience Play

Held at the Pearl in San Francisco’s historic Dogpatch district, IIDA’s annual Scene Local event is a showcase of vignettes designed and created by teams of interior designers and architects, furniture manufacturers and contract firms.

This year’s theme, PLAY, gave participating firms the opportunity to explore the theme, pushing the boundaries on concepts, aesthetic, design and function. Upon entering Scene Local, guests were inundated with a plethora of expressions of play, from color and form to experience and concept. Bright, saturated colors were seen in several vignettes, evoking spirited and delightful, sometimes child-like interpretations of play.

On trend with the movement of experiential design were interactive, tactile and sensory experiences in several vignettes. Teams explored displays of size, proportion, form and dimensionality, guiding viewers through spaces in different and innovative ways. Several vignettes examined the idea of play more conceptually, questioning and expressing the meaning of the word itself, the role it plays in daily life, and even play as something extraordinary.

Scene Local 2019 left guests with feelings of whimsy, adventure, joy and curiosity, a fantastical medley to inspire the playful spirit that the event truly embodied.

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Photos by Gabby Gamboa @gabbyyyg
Photos from left to right: Scene 1: AECOM, Novo, Humanscale, Hem, Royal Thai, Vode, Fireclay; Scene 2: RMW, Truebeck, Studio TK/Teknion, Linked Reps, Turf Design, Cal Lighting, Corral; Scene 3: IA, Dome, Global Furniture, Milliken, Fyrn, Finelite, Stickwood; Scene 4: Studios, Novo, Haworth, Pable, All Seating, Slate Art, Level 5; Scene 5: Blitz, GCI, Mg West, Allermuir, Foscarini, Biome, Kay Chesterfield; Scene 6: Insidesource; Scene 7: CRI
SCENE LOCAL is a showcase of products relevant to the commercial built environment that are produced, manufactured or fabricated within the Northern California region. This annual event is hosted by the IIDA San Francisco City Center and is open to the general public, with a specific focus on the interior design community. All proceeds from this event will go to benefit our philanthropic partner, Kid Power.