Global Innovation and Local Inspiration at our EMEA Showroom

In May 2023, our London location by Bailey officially became Insidesource. Along with the name change, their team unveiled a brand new showroom design. Nestled in the heart of London’s vibrant Clerkenwell design district, our EMEA hub connects us and our clients to the global market.

London’s charming yet metropolitan character comes from a balance between preserving history and thoughtful innovation. We used that same balance between traditional and modern, local to global, as our design ethos for the showroom.

Three defining pillars emerged from our design process: diversity of design, custom solutions, and sustainability and innovation. What was once a static showroom intended to simply exhibit furniture is now a space that not only impresses visually but also supports employees and cultivates community.

With the capability to curate from hundreds of companies internationally, the showroom features 50 manufacturers (not one manufacturer is seen twice), offering a rich variety of top-tier products for clients and the A&D community to explore.

An intentional design approach guided the showroom refresh. In a building over 200 years old and a space relatively smaller than our other offices, every area needed to be carved out thoughtfully.

A consideration for our impact on the earth and a connection to the surrounding community was embedded in this project. Many of the pieces in the showroom are made of recycled or low-impact materials. Accessories sourced locally express the space’s unique character, while reducing shipping impacts and supporting small businesses.

Custom furniture has become a cornerstone of Insidesource’s unique offerings. Design-forward pieces showcase our custom furniture capabilities and feature innovative materials that align with the design story.

As our global hub, Insidesource EMEA celebrates the local culture and showcases state-of-the-art workplace design.

A rendering of the conference room concept.
An inspiration collage for the conference room concept.
Custom window benching for our office mascot, Frittata.
A custom shelving unit inspired by the space’s history as what was once a jewelry store.

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